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Create a Harkla Customer Account

Find order details, tracking info, and report product issues with a Harkla customer account.

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Orders, Payment & Shipping

Information on ordering, forms of payments we accept, how long shipping takes, and where we ship.

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Harkla Product Information - Including Parts, & Accessories

Information on safety certification, ordering parts and accessories for your Harkla product, including swing hardware.

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Sensory Swing Hardware Check

Important information on keeping your indoor Harkla Sensory Swing in tip-top shape!

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How to Wash Harkla Products

Life happens; things get dirty! Harkla product care information is found here.

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Digital Courses

Information on our digital courses, including how to access your course account.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Information about our lifetime guarantee and how you can register your product.

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School Purchase Order Information

Yes, we accept school purchase orders! Learn more about that here.

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Damaged or Defective Products

Information on how to resolve an issue with your Harkla product.

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Did your purchase not work out? That's okay. We've got all the information you need on our return process.

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Sales & Promos

Information on discounts, promotions, and sales.

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Harkla Size Guide

Are you unsure what size you need? You'll find information on how to pick the right size Harkla product for you!

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