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What is the Difference Between the Compression Swing & Pod Swing?Updated 10 days ago

For information on our compression swing, click here.

For information on our pod swing, click here.

The pod swing offers a cozy "fort" like space for a child to crawl into, hang on to, swing, or relax with a book. Your child can receive vestibular input with our pod swing to encourage sensory regulation. We recommend the pod swing for younger children up to about eight years old. (Check out this video showing how to use our pod swing!)

The compression swing is like a soft, stretchy hammock. You can crawl inside the fabric and stretch out. Lay facing up, facing down, or sit criss-cross-applesauce! Use it like a traditional swing (check out this video!). Grab a book, soft toy, and a blanket and get comfortable! The compression swing has a weight limit up to 200 pounds so it can be used by children ages three and up... even adults can use the compression swing! 

Please note that the hardware for our indoor sensory swings is interchangeable. If you'd like to purchase both swings, you can interchange the swing using the same ceiling hook.

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