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Digital Course InformationUpdated 2 months ago

We offer a library of digital courses, some of which are AOTA- approved and offer CEUs for Occupational Therapists. If you purchase the CEU option, these courses come with a beautifully printed physical workbook that ships worldwide.

Digital courses are meant for individual use, and certificates of completion and CEUs are only available to the individual enrolled in the course.

For information on our digital courses, click here.

Our course product pages have detailed info on each option and what is included. You can also scroll down to the end of the page to see what each module is about!

Depending on what you are interested in learning, the age group of the children you work with, whether a therapist, teacher, parent, or caregiver, all of these will all factor into the best course to choose. 

There are also no prerequisites required to take our digital courses.

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