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Information on our digital courses, including how to access your course account.


I Bought a Course on Teachable. How Do I Access it Now?

Did you purchase a course from All Things Sensory when they were on Teachable?. Email [email protected] for help getting the course you purchased!.

How Do I Access My Harkla Digital Course?

Did you purchase one of our digital courses?. You will receive an email with access to Thinkific, our online course platform! If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder. You can also click here to access your course on Thinkific. Use the

Do Your AOTA Courses Work for Other Occupations?

Currently, our Sensory Diet and Primitive Reflex AOTA course options with CEUs only apply to Occupational Therapists. We are really sorry about that. We're working on expanding this to physical therapists, but it is a long process.

What Exactly is the Digital Course Workbook?

Our AOTA-approved digital courses come with a physical workbook*, which is all the digital course PDFs made into a beautifully printed book. You can use our workbooks for quickly referencing and photocopying when needed!. *Please note that our Sensor