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Information on our digital courses, including how to access your course account.

I Bought a Course on Teachable. How Do I Access it Now?

Did you purchase a course from All Things Sensory when they were on Teachable?. Email [email protected] for help getting the course you purchased!.

How Do I Access My Harkla Digital Course?

Did you purchase one of our digital courses?. You will receive an email with access to Thinkific, our online course platform! If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder. You can also click here to access your course on Thinkific. Use the

Do Your AOTA Courses Work for Other Occupations?

Our Sensory Diet and Primitive Reflex AOTA course options with CEUs only apply to Occupational Therapists. We are really sorry about that. We're working on expanding this to physical therapists, but it is a long process. If you are a Physical Therapi

What Exactly is the Digital Course Workbook?

Our AOTA-approved digital courses come with a physical workbook - all the digital course PDFs made into a beautifully printed book that we will ship to you. It is the digital course in physical form!. You can use our workbooks for quickly referencing

How Long Do I Have Access to My Digital Course?

Each digital course is self-paced, so you can complete it at your convenience. There is no rush, as you have unlimited course access.

Do I Get a Certificate After I Complete My Course?

Once you finish your digital course, you will have the option of printing a certificate of completion. This certificate does not provide a specific designation but shows that you have furthered your education in your chosen topic. If you choose one o

What Age Does the Primitive Reflex Digital Course Work For?

Our Primitive Reflex digital course is recommended for ages 5 and up, including adults! If you have an infant or toddler, we highly recommend our Infant and Toddler Sensory Development digital course.

What Age Does the Sensory Diet Digital Course Work For?

The Sensory Diet course is designed for people working with children, and families/caregivers. We talk exclusively about children, but sensory diets and activities are important for adults as well!Our Sensory Diet digital course can help anyone bette

What Age Does the Early Intervention Blueprint Course Work For?

If you have an infant or toddler (birth to three years old), we highly recommend our Early Intervention Blueprint digital course (formerly the Infant Sensory Development course). If you have a child over age four or older, we recommend our Primitive

Are Course Workbooks Available Separately?

Our Primitive Reflex, Sensory Diet, and Early Intervention Blueprint workbooks can be purchased separately, but only if you are already enrolled in our expert or master course options. You will have an option to add it to your cart at checkout after

What Are the Differences Between Expert, Master, & AOTA Course Options?

You'll notice that our AOTA- approved digital courses offer different options. To explore the specific differences between each option, please check the product page and click on the orange box "Learn More About Course Options". Click here to learn a

Digital Course Information

We offer a library of digital courses, some of which are AOTA- approved and offer CEUs for Occupational Therapists. If you purchase the CEU option, these courses come with a beautifully printed physical workbook that ships worldwide. Digital courses

Do You Offer Your Courses as a "Bundle"?

Currently, we do not offer our digital courses as a "bundle", but we do have one bundle called our Development Skills Video Bundle. Check it out!

Did you order an older digital courses and want to upgrade?

If you purchased our Primitive Reflex course or Sensory Diet course before they were updated and AOTA-approved, you can upgrade to our lowest tier at no cost. If you'd like to upgrade to a higher-tiered course, you can do that, too!. Please email sup

Does the Harkla Primitive Reflex Course meet requirements for the CPRCS certification?

Our Primitive Reflex course offers CEUs for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Primitive Reflex Specialist (CPRCS), please check out PESI and Evergreen. We share more about this

Why Did the Price of the Digital Course Change at Checkout?

If the price of your digital course changed at checkout, this most likely has to do with your location. All prices shown on our website are shown in USD. If you are located in another country, the cost will automatically convert. If you need further

Are Digital Courses Downloadable?

Our digital course videos are not downloadable, but all the PDFs are. You can download these and print them as needed!.

Are Your Digital Courses Only for Professionals?

Our digital courses are designed for parents, caregivers, therapists, educators, and anyone who wants to learn more about sensory processing, primitive reflexes, and child development!. There are no minimum education requirements needed to take our c

What Exactly are the CEUs?

If you choose one of our AOTA-approved CEU options and are an Occupational Therapist, you will receive CEUs (continuing education units) required to maintain licensure. To receive the CEUs you'll have to successfully complete the end-of-course test.